Airbus Ramps Up A350 Production as Widebody Demand Soars

Airbus is stepping on the gas for its A350 widebody aircraft program in response to a surge in global demand. The European planemaker announced plans to increase its A350 production rate, aiming to capitalize on the strong market recovery for long-haul travel. This decision follows a period of impressive sales for the A350, particularly the larger A350-1000 variant capable of tackling ultra-long routes. Airbus has secured nearly 100 orders for this model in the past year alone, highlighting airlines' renewed confidence in long-distance travel.


The pandemic's impact on travel had a more delayed effect on widebody aircraft compared to short-haul models. However, the past six months have witnessed a significant rebound in transatlantic flights and routes connecting Europe and Asia. This resurgence in demand has prompted airlines to seek fuel-efficient and technologically advanced aircraft like the A350 to meet passenger needs. Airbus previously announced plans to raise A350 production to nine aircraft per month by the end of 2025. However, their latest announcement indicates an even more ambitious target. 

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The company now aims to reach a production rate of ten A350s per month by 2026, demonstrating its commitment to meeting the rising demand for widebody jets. This production increase necessitates close collaboration with Airbus' vast supply chain network. They will need to ensure a steady flow of parts and components to avoid bottlenecks that could hinder the ramp-up process.

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Airbus' decision to boost A350 production signifies a positive outlook for the widebody aircraft market. It reflects not only the A350's success but also the broader industry's recovery from the pandemic's disruptions. As passenger confidence in long-haul travel continues to grow, Airbus is well-positioned to capitalize on this momentum with its A350 program.

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