Vietnam Airlines Grounds Planes Due to Engine Issues

Vietnam Airlines, one of the major airlines of Vietnam, has been forced to ground around 20% of its domestic fleet due to ongoing engine issues. This has affected approximately 12 Airbus A321 aircraft, which are now out of service. The airline's CEO, Le Hong Ha, has cited a rare manufacturing defect in the powder metal used by engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, affecting engines produced between 2015 and 2021. The issue has caused significant problems for airlines across the globe, and unfortunately, Vietnam Airlines is no exception.


The grounding of these aircraft comes with a double blow, as supply chain disruptions have significantly extended repair times. While repairs typically take 75 to 90 days, the current delays could see planes grounded for up to 300 days. This is a significant challenge for Vietnam Airlines, as grounded aircraft are unable to generate revenue, and the airline is facing a financial burden as a result.

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To mitigate the impact on passengers and maintain operations, Vietnam Airlines has sought to lease additional aircraft, particularly during the recent Lunar New Year travel peak. This has helped the airline to continue providing services to its passengers, but it has also added to the financial burden, as leasing additional aircraft can be expensive.

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This incident highlights the challenges that airlines face due to external factors beyond their control. In addition to the impact on passengers, the grounding represents a significant financial burden for Vietnam Airlines. The airline hopes to resolve the issue swiftly and minimize further disruption to its domestic operations. However, the current situation is a reminder of the importance of safety and the need to address any issues with aircraft promptly.

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