United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Skids Off Houston Runway, FAA Reports

A United Airlines-operated Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Reg. N27290), performing flight UA-2477 from Memphis, TN to Houston Intercontinental, TX, rolled onto the grass and off the runway at George Bush Airport in Houston early on Friday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The incident, which did not result in any injuries, has prompted a new investigation by the FAA. The aircraft, which had departed from Memphis, was carrying 160 passengers and six crew members at the time of the incident. All passengers and crew were safely evacuated from the plane and were bused to the terminal. United Airlines stated that it would move the aircraft from the taxiway as soon as it was able.


The FAA has launched an investigation into the incident. This comes at a time when the Boeing 737 MAX has been under scrutiny following a series of safety issues. The FAA's decision to investigate this latest incident underscores the ongoing concerns about the safety of the Boeing 737 MAX. This incident is the latest in a series of setbacks for the Boeing 737 MAX. The aircraft was grounded worldwide in March 2019 following two fatal crashes that killed 346 people. Although the aircraft has since returned to service, it has continued to face scrutiny and further incidents have raised questions about its safety.

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United Airlines, for its part, has been cooperating with the FAA and other relevant authorities in the investigation. The airline's primary concern is the safety of its passengers and crew, and it is committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure their well-being.

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The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of stringent safety measures in the aviation industry. It underscores the need for continuous monitoring and evaluation of aircraft to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. As the investigation unfolds, it will be crucial to identify the causes of this incident and take appropriate measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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