The Business Jet Gulfstream G700 Got US FAA Type Certification

The wait is over for business jet enthusiasts and potential high-flying customers. Gulfstream Aerospace, a subsidiary of General Dynamics, announced on March 29, 2024, that its highly anticipated Gulfstream G700 has secured type certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This green light from the regulatory body clears the path for the first deliveries of the G700, touted as the most spacious aircraft in business aviation.


The FAA certification signifies the culmination of a rigorous testing and evaluation program. Gulfstream expressed satisfaction, highlighting that the G700 successfully navigated the most demanding certification process in the company's history. This achievement is a testament to the advanced design and engineering that went into the G700. The G700's certification brings not only the promise of luxury travel but also boasts impressive performance enhancements.  Gulfstream revealed that the FAA certification confirmed two key performance improvements for the G700. 

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The business jet will have a shorter balanced field length takeoff distance and landing distance compared to initial projections. This translates to greater operational flexibility for pilots, allowing them to utilize a wider range of airports while maintaining efficiency. Industry analysts see the G700's certification as a significant development in the high-end business jet market. The G700 is expected to compete directly with established players like Bombardier's Global 7500, raising the bar for range, comfort, and technological advancements in this exclusive category.

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For Gulfstream, the G700 certification marks a major milestone. With deliveries about to commence, the company can focus on fulfilling orders and solidifying the G700's position as a leader in the ultra-luxury business jet segment.  This certification not only benefits Gulfstream but also caters to the growing demand for long-range, luxurious business travel experiences.

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