Ryanair CEO Endorses Boeing’s reshuffle amid 737 MAX delays

In a move seen as a potential turning point for Boeing, Michael O'Leary, the outspoken CEO of Ryanair, publicly welcomed the recent leadership changes at the American aircraft manufacturer. This endorsement comes amidst ongoing frustrations for Ryanair, Boeing's largest European customer, facing significant delays in deliveries of the 737 MAX aircraft.


O'Leary, known for his sharp criticisms, issued a video message expressing his support for the new leadership team, including Stephanie Pope, who will be taking the reins as Boeing Commercial President and CEO. He emphasized his hope for improved communication and a focus on resolving the delivery delays plaguing the 737 MAX program. While acknowledging the past efforts of outgoing leader Stan Deal, O'Leary made it clear that eliminating these delays is vital for Ryanair, particularly during peak travel seasons.


The delays in 737 MAX deliveries have significantly impacted Ryanair's growth plans. The airline has a large backlog of orders for fuel-efficient aircraft, crucial for its low-cost business model. These delays have not only disrupted expansion but also forced Ryanair to potentially adjust flight schedules or utilize older, less efficient planes. O'Leary's endorsement, while cautious, holds significance for Boeing. As a major customer, his public backing of the new leadership team suggests a potential for improved communication and collaboration between the companies. This could be a positive step towards resolving the 737 MAX delivery issues and ensuring a smoother future for their business relationship.


However, challenges remain. Regaining the trust of airlines like Ryanair requires concrete action from Boeing. Delivering on promises to expedite the 737 MAX program and ensuring open communication will be crucial.  Whether this leadership reshuffle translates to a more reliable and efficient Boeing for its customers remains to be seen. Only time will tell if O'Leary's cautious optimism translates into a more fruitful partnership for Ryanair and Boeing.

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