Lufthansa Flight Diverts Due to Electrical Odour: Safety Measures in Action

A Lufthansa Airbus A330-300, registered as D-AIKL, was performing flight LH-630 from Frankfurt/Main, Germany to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The aircraft, carrying 189 passengers and 11 crew members, was en route at FL390, approximately 10 nautical miles northwest of Rhodes, Greece, when the crew reported an issue. They detected what they believed to be smoke in the aft cabin and made the decision to divert the flight to Rhodes.


The aircraft landed safely on Rhodes' runway 24 about 20 minutes after the decision to divert was made. Local emergency services were alerted and prepared for an aircraft arriving with potential smoke in the aft cabin. However, Lufthansa later reported that there had been no smoke at any time during the flight. Instead, there had been an undefined electrical odor in one of the galleys. The source of this odor is currently unknown and will likely be the subject of further investigation.

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In response to the incident, a replacement A330-300, registered as D-AIKP, was positioned to Rhodes. This aircraft is currently en route to Dubai and is estimated to land at the destination with a delay of about 23 hours. Meanwhile, the original aircraft, D-AIKL, remains on the ground in Rhodes. As of 26 hours after landing, it is still there, likely undergoing further inspection and maintenance checks to ensure its safety for future flights.


This incident highlights the importance of safety protocols and quick decision-making in the aviation industry. Despite the inconvenience caused by the diversion and delay, the safety of the passengers and crew was prioritized, demonstrating Lufthansa's commitment to its safety standards.

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