FAA Mandates Fix for Potential 737 MAX Anti-Ice Issue

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced plans to mandate a fix for a potential issue with the Boeing 737 MAX's anti-ice system. While the agency emphasizes the remote possibility of the problem occurring, they are taking proactive measures to address it.


This specific concern is separate from other recent issues with the 737 MAX and Boeing's 787 Dreamliner. The FAA and Boeing identified the anti-ice system issue during a 2021 review and have already issued guidelines to airlines in November 2022. The planned mandate will further solidify the implementation of the fix.


The proposed fix involves installing additional components and making adjustments to the electrical wiring within the aircraft's panel. Though deemed a low risk, the FAA believes this measure is necessary to ensure the continued safe operation of the 737 MAX. 


Both Boeing and the FAA maintain that the anti-ice system issue has never been encountered in the decades of service of the 737, including both the NG and MAX models. They emphasize that the proposed fix is a precautionary measure to maintain the highest safety standards.

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