F-16s Escort Plane Back to Copenhagen After Bomb Threat, Another Flight Diverts

Two commercial flights heading to Norway from Copenhagen, Denmark were forced to turn back on Thursday, March 21st, 2024 after receiving bomb threats. The incident triggered a swift response from authorities, including the scrambling of F-16 fighter jets. The first plane involved, a SAS flight number SK1874, had already taken off and was nearing its destination in Stavanger when the threat emerged.  Authorities on the ground received the information and relayed it to the pilots, who then initiated a climb to a safe altitude of 34,000 feet before returning to Copenhagen. 


Following standard security procedures, Norwegian authorities scrambled two F-16 fighter jets to escort the potentially threatened SAS aircraft.  The fighter jets would visually inspect the plane and be prepared to take any necessary action to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew. Meanwhile, another flight, Norwegian DY971, which was also bound for Stavanger, had just taken off when news of the bomb threat came in. Taking no chances, the pilots of the Boeing 737 immediately aborted the flight and returned to Copenhagen Airport. 

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Thankfully, both planes landed safely. Upon arrival, passengers were evacuated while police and emergency services conducted a thorough search of the aircraft. There is no information yet on the outcome of the searches or the origin of the bomb threats. 

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This incident highlights the seriousness with which aviation authorities treat any potential threat to passenger safety. The rapid response, including the deployment of fighter jets, demonstrates their commitment to ensuring a safe and secure airspace. 

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