Boeing Eyes Outsider Leadership to Steer Back to Course

Boeing's board is casting a wide net in its search for a new CEO, with industry insiders predicting an "outside remedy" to address the company's deepening crisis. This leadership change follows the resignation of CEO Dave Calhoun, who steps down by year-end alongside Boeing's commercial airplanes chief and chairman.


The American planemaker has been embroiled in a safety crisis that intensified in January with a 737 MAX incident. This renewed concerns about Boeing's safety culture and quality control, prompting pressure from airlines, regulators, and investors. The new CEO inherits a daunting task list. Restoring public trust, fixing safety lapses, and rebuilding relationships with regulators and customers are all crucial. Additionally, they must navigate production ramp-up, cash flow concerns, and competition from Airbus.

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Boeing's board seems to be acknowledging that a fresh perspective is needed. Traditionally, Boeing CEOs have risen through the company ranks. By considering outsiders, the board hopes to find a leader with the experience and impartiality necessary to navigate this complex crisis.

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This leadership shakeup reflects Boeing's urgency to regain control of the situation. The company's reputation has been tarnished, and its financial health is at risk. Only a strong leader with a clear vision can steer Boeing back to a stable course.

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