Boeing Directs Airlines to Inspect 787 Flight Deck Seat Switches Amid Safety Concerns

Boeing, the American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, has issued a directive to airlines operating its 787 Dreamliner jets to inspect flight deck switches. This comes in the wake of an incident involving a sudden mid-air dive by a LATAM Airlines 787 plane, which resulted in injuries to more than 50 people.


The incident, which occurred on a flight from Sydney to Auckland, has been linked to an accidental movement of a flight deck seat. The Air Current, an aviation industry publication, reported that the movement of a flight deck seat is a key focus of the ongoing investigation into the incident. In response to the incident, Boeing has reminded operators of a 2017 service bulletin that provides detailed instructions for inspecting and maintaining flight deck seat switches. "We are recommending operators perform an inspection at the next maintenance opportunity," Boeing stated.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has also responded to the incident by convening an expert board to review the message that Boeing sent to airlines about the need to check the switches. The FAA stated that it does not require Boeing to get the agency's approval before sending the message. The FAA will also review the 2017 service bulletin related to the switches in the pilot seats and will provide feedback to Boeing. "The agency will continue to monitor the situation closely," the FAA said.

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This incident adds to the growing scrutiny of Boeing's safety and quality standards. The company has been under heavy regulatory scrutiny following a series of incidents involving its aircraft. These include a cabin panel blowout on a 737 Max 9 jet and a United Airlines-operated Boeing 737 MAX veering off the runway in Houston. Boeing's handling of these incidents and its commitment to safety will continue to be closely watched by regulators, airlines, and the flying public. As the investigation into the LATAM Airlines incident continues, the aviation industry will be waiting to see what steps Boeing takes to ensure the safety of its aircraft and the millions of passengers who fly on them every year.

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