Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Lands Safely Despite Windshield Crack

It seems that Boeing incidents have become a daily routine! An incident occurred recently involving an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 jet. The aircraft Boeing 737-800 (Reg. N557AS) was operating flight AS9 from Washington DC (DCA) to Portland International Airport (PDX) when the flying crew noticed a minor crack appearing on the inner windshield. The flight had originated from Washington D.C. and was carrying 159 passengers and six crew members. Despite the unexpected occurrence, the crew followed their checklists and the aircraft continued safely to its destination as scheduled. This incident is the latest in a string of issues involving Boeing aircraft belonging to the company.


Alaska Airlines reassured that their 737 fleets are outfitted with five-layer windscreens that have an outer pane, three inner layers, and an inner pane. If an inner pane cracks, the other pane and layers can maintain cabin pressure. The maintenance team inspected and repaired the windshield, and the aircraft is back in service. Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer, reiterated that the different layers on the windshield are designed for safety purposes. Cracked windshields frequently occur across all models of airplanes from all manufacturers. Cracks are generally limited to the outside layer of the windshield, which is a protective coating for the structural portion of the windshield and does not create a safety-of-flight issue.

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This incident comes in the wake of a series of issues that have plagued Boeing. Earlier this year, a door plug flew off another Alaska Airlines 737 Max 7 midflight, forcing an emergency landing⁴. This led to the Federal Aviation Administration auditing the plane manufacturer, finding that Boeing failed 33 aspects of the audit with a total of 97 points of non-compliance.

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Despite these incidents, both Alaska Airlines and Boeing continue to assure the public of their commitment to safety. As investigations continue, passengers and crew alike will no doubt be hoping for a swift resolution to these issues.

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