SriLankan Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing Due to Smoke Scare


A Srilankan Airlines Airbus A330-300, registered as 4R-ALQ, was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff from Melbourne, Australia. The aircraft, which was performing flight UL-605 to Colombo, Sri Lanka, had just taken off from Melbourne’s runway 16 and was climbing when the crew reported a smell of smoke on board. The climb was halted at approximately FL215, and the decision was made to return to Melbourne.

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Passengers on board the flight reported that they too could smell smoke in the cabin, which seemed to be emanating from the cockpit. The captain promptly informed the passengers of the situation and announced the decision to return to Melbourne. Approximately 50 minutes after departure, the aircraft made a safe landing back on runway 16.


Srilankan Airlines reported that a technical issue was the cause of the incident. All passengers were able to disembark safely following the emergency landing. The aircraft remained grounded in Melbourne for about 13 hours after landing back. The incident underscores the importance of safety protocols and quick decision-making in aviation. Investigations into the exact cause of the smoke are likely to follow.

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