Salvaging Sukhoi Superjet after runway mishap at Saransk Airport

The Russian Sukhoi SU95 Superjet 100, a modern marvel of aviation, found itself in an unexpected situation at Saransk Airport. Ten days ago, the aircraft, operated by Rossiya Airlines for Aeroflot, veered right and exited runway 20 during its landing at the airport. The incident, which occurred during flight SU6165 from Moscow-SVO, ended with the aircraft lodged in the snow.


The Superjet 100, bearing the registration RA-89113, was carrying 93 passengers at the time of the incident. Fortunately, all passengers were able to deplane safely via stairs, averting a potential disaster. The recovery operation for the aircraft is currently underway. The process involves pulling the aircraft back to the runway. This is a delicate operation, requiring a combination of specialized equipment and expert knowledge to ensure the aircraft is not further damaged.


The incident is a stark reminder of the challenges faced in aviation. Despite the advanced technology and rigorous safety protocols in place, unexpected situations can still arise. However, the successful deplaning of all passengers and the ongoing recovery operation demonstrate the effectiveness of the emergency response procedures.

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The Sukhoi SU95 Superjet 100 is a testament to the resilience of modern aviation. Even in the face of adversity, the industry's commitment to safety and recovery shines through. As the recovery operation continues, the aviation community will undoubtedly be watching closely, ready to learn and adapt from this incident.

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