INCIDENT | Typhoon Fighter Jets Scrambled to Intercept SAS Flight SK4609

On February 5, 2024, an unexpected event unfolded in the skies over the North Sea. Scandinavian Airlines flight number SK4609, en route from Oslo to Manchester, was intercepted by Typhoon fighter jets.


The Incident

The Airbus A320neo (registration EI-SIU) was cruising at flight level 380 (FL380) when it suffered a loss of communications over the North Sea. In response to this, two Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled from RAF Coningsby. The jets intercepted the Scandinavian Airlines flight over Newcastle and escorted it all the way to Manchester Airport.

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The Response

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that the aircraft landed safely. The flight, which had departed Oslo at 11:20 local time, touched down on runway 23R at Manchester Airport by 12:35 GMT. The incident was captured on camera. Scandinavian Airlines stated that there was "never any danger to passengers". The airline explained that the escorted landing was in response to a "brief and temporary loss of communication". After the safe landing, the aircraft was preparing to take off again in the opposite direction to transport separate passengers to Oslo.


Investigation and Aftermath

An investigation into the incident has been launched. The matter is being handled by relevant authorities as per standard procedures. Manchester Airport stated that it had put on extra staff to support any passengers who may need it. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of communication in aviation and the swift response capabilities of the RAF. It also underscores the effectiveness of standard procedures in ensuring the safety of passengers even in unexpected situations.

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