INCIDENT | TUI Boeing 787 sustains door damage during ground operations at Birmingham Airport

A TUI UK Boeing 787 Dreamliner, registered as G-TUIF, was recently involved in a serious incident at Birmingham Airport. The aircraft's front door was nearly ripped off due to a collision with the air stairs. This mishap grounded the aircraft, causing significant disruption and raising safety concerns.


The aircraft involved, named Neil, is a 9.6-year-old Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. It started its life with the carrier under the Thomson Airways brand back in July 2014 and was handed over to the current TUI UK subsidiary in October 2017. The UK subsidiary of the travel group currently has eight of the -8 variant and five of the -9 variant of the 787 at the time of writing.

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The incident appears to have occurred in the early hours of the morning, following the completion of BY243 from Cancun into Birmingham Airport. Photos of the incident have emerged, showing the significant damage to the aircraft's door. However, the exact details of how the incident occurred are still unclear.

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The extent of the damage to the aircraft is also unknown at this time, as is the length of time it will take to repair before the aircraft is deemed commercially fit to return to service. This incident has raised questions about ground safety procedures and the potential need for improved measures to prevent such incidents in the future. In conclusion, the incident involving the TUI UK Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Birmingham Airport serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ground safety in aviation. It underscores the need for rigorous safety protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of both the aircraft and the personnel on the ground.

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