Denver Airport Snowstorm Disrupts Departures

On February 27th, Denver International Airport (DEN) faced significant disruptions due to a severe snowstorm. The wintry weather caused visibility issues and prompted the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to issue a ground stoppage order around 10:00 local time. Over 400 flights were delayed at Denver International Airport, affecting passengers' travel plans. Eight flights were canceled. United Airlines experienced the most delays, with 171 flights affected, followed by Southwest Airlines. The top delayed destinations included Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.


The FAA's order, in place for just over an hour, had a ripple effect throughout the day. Airlines worked to get their aircraft and crews back on track. Denver International Airport, one of the busiest in the US, grappled with the disruption.

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Denver International Airport handled 77 million passengers in 2023. United Airlines holds a 35% market share, serving more than 23 million passengers. Southwest Airlines closely follows with a 32% market share. The airport operates as Southwest's largest base.


The most frequented routes from Denver International Airport last year were to Las Vegas (LAS), Phoenix (PHX), and Chicago (ORD), each serving over a million passengers. Despite the challenges posed by the snowstorm, airport authorities and airlines continue to manage operations, ensuring safety and minimizing disruptions for travelers.

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