Airbus Secures Larger Share in American Airlines’ Narrowbody Order

American Airlines is finally finalizing a deal for approximately 100 narrowbody jets, with the order split between Airbus SE and Boeing. According to insiders familiar with the negotiations, the European aircraft manufacturer is poised to secure a slightly higher number of orders than its American counterpart. The anticipated deal encompasses both the Airbus A321 and the Boeing 737 MAX 8 models. 


An official announcement could occur as early as next week, coinciding with an investor meeting scheduled for March 4. However, the exact mix of aircraft remains fluid, as American Airlines is also evaluating whether to include Boeing's forthcoming 737 MAX 10 in the agreement, pending certification delays.

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This development comes amid intense competition for limited Airbus production slots. Notably, rival carrier United Airlines is already in discussions with Airbus regarding a potential mega-order to replace hundreds of Boeing 737 MAX 10s. The airline industry's plans for 2024 were disrupted when Boeing faced a new crisis following a January incident in which a cabin panel detached from an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX mid-flight. American Airlines had initially sought to place a new order for aircraft deliveries scheduled for 2027 and beyond. However, Chief Financial Officer Devon May emphasized that current events significantly influence their decision-making process.

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While American Airlines declined to provide specific details about the deal, it's clear that Airbus is positioned to secure a more substantial share of this critical narrowbody order. On the other hand, Boeing remains committed to addressing its ongoing challenges. As the aviation industry evolves, this order will shape the future of American Airlines' fleet and underscore the delicate balance between two aviation giants: Airbus and Boeing.

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