Air Serbia Flight Overruns Runway: A Close Call in Belgrade

A Marathon Embraer ERJ-195, operating on behalf of Air Serbia under the registration OY-GDC, experienced a significant incident during its flight JU-324 from Belgrade, Serbia to Dusseldorf, Germany. The aircraft had lined up on runway 30L at taxiway D5, which has a take-off run available (TORA), take-off distance available (TODA), and accelerate-stop distance available (ASDA) of 1273 meters or 4175 feet. The aircraft departed at 17:38 local time (16:38Z), but it overran the end of the runway before becoming airborne.


Following a collision with some part of the airport infrastructure, the aircraft finally became airborne about 1100 meters or 3600 feet past the runway end. It climbed through 50 feet above ground level (AGL) about 2600 meters or 8500 feet past the runway end, then stopped the climb at 4000 feet. The aircraft then burned off fuel and returned to Belgrade for a landing on runway 30L without further incident about 55 minutes after departure. There were no injuries reported, but the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

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Following the occurrence, the instrument landing system (ILS) of runway 12R was downgraded from Category III (CATIII) to Category I (CATI). Passengers reported that immediately after takeoff, something broke and the aircraft shook. They then entered a holding pattern for about an hour before returning to land at Belgrade. They were quickly escorted off the aircraft and were not told anything except that it was a minor incident. However, they could see that something had broken off the left wing.

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The airline reported that the aircraft returned due to technical reasons and landed safely. Despite the substantial damage to the aircraft, the quick and professional response of the crew ensured the safety of all passengers on board.

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