A Generator Failure Forces Swiss Flight LX-40 Back to Zurich Airport

A Swiss International Airlines Boeing 777-300, bearing the registration HB-JNB, was in the midst of performing flight LX-40 from Zurich, Switzerland to Los Angeles, California, USA. The aircraft was carrying 214 passengers and crew members. As it was ascending through FL305 out of Zurich's runway 16, the crew made the decision to halt the climb. The reason for this abrupt change in plans was a reported generator failure.


In response to this mechanical issue, the crew decided to return to Zurich. To ensure a safe and smooth landing, the aircraft dumped fuel. Approximately 70 minutes after its initial departure, the aircraft landed safely on Zurich's runway 16.


In the wake of this incident, a replacement Boeing 777-300, with the registration HB-JNC, was prepared. It is estimated that this aircraft will reach Los Angeles, albeit with a delay of about 4.5 hours.

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Swiss International Airlines confirmed that the original aircraft had to return to Zurich due to a problem with one of the generators. This incident underscores the importance of stringent safety measures and the readiness to respond effectively to unexpected situations in the aviation industry. Despite the inconvenience caused by the delay, the safety of the passengers and crew was prioritized, demonstrating the airline's commitment to its duty of care.

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