Transavia Flight HV-5355 Hits Bird, Causes Delay in Return Flight


On its way to Faro, Portugal, a Transavia Airbus A321-200N bearing the registration number PH-YHZ encountered a bird strike while descending towards runway 28. Despite the collision with the bird, the flight crew successfully landed the plane on the designated runway. However, the impact of the bird caused a dent in the radome, rendering the aircraft unfit for immediate use.


As a consequence, the return flight to Amsterdam, Netherlands, was postponed. The aircraft remained stranded in Faro for approximately 26 hours following the landing. The required repairs and safety checks are being conducted to ensure that the aircraft is safe to fly in the future.

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Transavia has not issued a statement regarding the incident or the flight's delayed return. As more information becomes available, additional updates will be provided.

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