Spirit Airlines Urges JetBlue to Contest Merger Block

Spirit Airlines is encouraging JetBlue to challenge the recent court ruling that blocked their proposed merger. The merger, valued at $3.8 billion, was halted by a federal judge who sided with the Biden administration, citing concerns over reduced competition and potential fare increases.


JetBlue and Spirit Airlines, two prominent US carriers, had planned to merge in a deal that would have significantly reshaped the aviation industry. However, the Justice Department and several state attorneys general filed a lawsuit last year to block the merger, arguing that it would eliminate Spirit, the nation's largest low-cost airline, and drive up fares.


The Appeal

Following the court's decision, both JetBlue and Spirit Airlines filed an appeal. They are seeking to reverse the judge's decision, asserting that the merger is crucial for them to compete effectively with industry rivals.


Impact on Spirit Airlines

The blocked merger has had a significant impact on Spirit Airlines. The company's shares fell drastically after the court's decision. However, Spirit Airlines' shares rebounded more than 20% as the company tried to assure investors that the court decision blocking its purchase by JetBlue Airways would not force it out of business.

Future Prospects

Despite the setback, Spirit Airlines remains optimistic. In a securities filing, the airline stated that it hadn't given up on a potential purchase by JetBlue. The ruling could also pave the way for Frontier Airlines to make another attempt to buy Florida-based Spirit.



The blocked merger between JetBlue and Spirit Airlines has sent ripples through the aviation industry. As Spirit Airlines urges JetBlue to appeal the decision, the future of the merger remains uncertain. The outcome of this appeal could have far-reaching implications for the aviation industry and the competitive landscape of low-cost airlines.

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