Emergency Landing at Shannon Airport: Delta Air Lines Flight DL113 Evacuates Due to Fumes

On Monday morning, a Delta Air Lines flight with the registration number DL113 had to make an emergency landing at Shannon Airport, resulting in the evacuation of 294 passengers and crew members. The incident occurred while the flight was traveling from Rome to Boston, and the crew declared an emergency over the Atlantic south of Ireland. They informed the air traffic controllers that they had fumes on the flight deck, which was the reason for the emergency.


At around 11:20 am, while the Airbus A330-900 jet was approximately 230 kilometers south of Ireland, the crew declared an initial 'Pan pan' emergency. A 'Pan pan' is an indication of an 'urgency' on board, but it is not as serious as a 'Mayday' alert. Upon receiving the emergency declaration, the airport's fire and rescue service, as well as the National Ambulance Service, Clare County Fire and Rescue Service, and An Garda Síochána were immediately notified and asked to mobilize resources to Shannon.


The flight landed safely at 11:49 am with the assistance of airport and local authority fire crews. To ensure the passengers' safety, firefighters inspected the jet's undercarriage to ensure it had not overheated during the emergency landing. The crew requested that everyone be evacuated from the aircraft as soon as possible to ensure that no one else was exposed to the fumes. Mobile stairs were placed at the front and back of the plane, and passengers were safely escorted off the plane with the assistance of fire service personnel and paramedics. The crew and passengers were met by the airport's own fire and rescue service, who carried out a thorough inspection of the aircraft to ensure it was safe and secure.

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The incident caused a temporary closure of the runway, which was reopened after the plane was cleared. The passengers were accommodated in hotels in the area, and alternative flights were arranged to get them to their destination. The authorities are investigating the cause of the fumes on the flight deck, and the airline is cooperating with the investigation.


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