Aeromexico Anticipates Full Return of Boeing 737 MAX 9s to Service

Aeromexico, the flag carrier airline of Mexico, is expecting all its Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft to return to service soon. This news comes as a significant development for the airline, which currently operates one of the largest active MAX fleets globally.


Aeromexico's Fleet

Aeromexico has a fleet of 52 MAX aircraft, 19 of which are MAX 9. It also operates 34 of the older generation 737-800. The MAX variant, due to multiple severe safety issues, has become the most scrutinized aircraft ever. Over 1,300 MAX aircraft of all variants have been delivered worldwide. In March 2023, Aeromexico's fleet was composed of 152 aircraft, the largest in its history. The fleet included five Boeing 737-700s, 33 MAX 8s, 36 737-800s, 17 MAX 9s, eight 787 Dreamliner 8s, 11 Dreamliner 9s, and 42 Embraer E190s.


Recent Developments

The airline recently received its 50th Boeing 737 MAX, a MAX 9 registration N867AM². The company's CEO, Andres Conesa, announced the arrival of the 50th Boeing 737 MAX and stated that Aeromexico expects to add five additional MAX jetliners in 2023. By the end of the year, the company will finish with a fleet of 55 Boeing 737 MAX. Aeromexico is set to welcome three new Boeing 737 MAX passenger aircraft to its fleet. The purchase of the new aircraft on lease to the Mexican flag carrier was confirmed by AerDragon in a statement released in June 2022.

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Future Plans

Following Aeromexico’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, the airline is looking to expand heavily. The carrier is currently focused on its fleet renewal and modernization plans and expects to allocate as much as $5 billion for the acquisition of new aircraft during the next five years. By the end of 2022, the carrier expects to add 22 new passenger planes, expanding its fleet to a total of 145 jets with an average age of seven years. In conclusion, the return of all Boeing 737 MAX 9s to service marks a significant milestone for Aeromexico. It signifies the airline's commitment to providing its passengers with a modern, efficient, and safe flying experience.

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