Southwest Airlines pilots have received significant salary hikes as part of a new contract

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) has shared some exciting news. The pilots at Southwest Airlines are set to receive a whopping pay increase of roughly 50% over five years as part of their new contract. This is a significant development for the over 10,000 pilots represented by the union who are based in Dallas. The deal has now been sent to members for ratification. 


According to the union, the agreement meets the pilots' goals and provides security for their families, while also rewarding their industry-leading productivity. The company has agreed to a $12-billion contract with the union, which includes substantial pay increases. This is an impressive showcase of the bargaining power that pilots currently enjoy due to an industry-wide shortage. 


Other major airlines such as United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and American Airlines have also granted significant raises and improvements in working conditions to their pilots in new contracts. This has led to an increase in operating costs at airlines and encouraged other work groups to demand similar gains in their contracts. Once the new contract is ratified, Southwest pilots will receive an immediate pay raise of 29.15%, followed by hikes of 4% in 2025, 2026, and 2027. In 2028, they will receive a gain of 3.25% in wages. After the contract expires in December 2028, they will receive a 2.5% bonus each year until a new agreement is reached. 

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The union has also announced that the tentative agreement includes pay protection for pilots who are unable to fly due to fatigue. The pilots will have until Jan. 22 to vote on the tentative agreement. This news is a breath of fresh air for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike, and it will be interesting to see how other airlines respond to these developments.

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