Riyadh Air and Turkish Airlines Ink Major Cooperation Agreement

In a significant development in the Middle East aviation industry, Riyadh Air, the upcoming airline from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has signed a major cooperation agreement with Turkish Airlines, one of the world's leading carriers. This global codeshare and interline agreement is set to take effect once Riyadh Air commences operations, which is anticipated to be in mid-2025. The agreement was officially signed by Tony Douglas, the CEO of Riyadh Air, and Levent Konukcu, the Chief Investment and Technology Officer of Turkish Airlines. This strategic partnership marks a new chapter in the aviation sector, fostering stronger ties between Saudi Arabia and Turkey.


A Win-Win for Both Airlines

This cooperation agreement is a win-win situation for both airlines. For Riyadh Air, this partnership provides an excellent platform to kickstart its operations on a global scale. By aligning with Turkish Airlines, a well-established player in the industry, Riyadh Air can leverage the extensive network and operational expertise of its partner. On the other hand, Turkish Airlines stands to benefit from this agreement by strengthening its presence in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia. This partnership allows Turkish Airlines to tap into a new customer base and further expand its global footprint.


Benefits for Passengers

Passengers are set to reap significant benefits from this cooperation. The agreement will offer a comprehensive range of advantages for travelers flying between Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and beyond. Passengers can look forward to seamless connectivity, greater flight frequency, and enhanced travel options. Moreover, members of the airlines' loyalty programs may potentially enjoy reciprocal benefits, further enhancing the passenger experience.


Looking Ahead

As Riyadh Air gears up to launch its operations in 2025, the cooperation agreement with Turkish Airlines signals a promising start for the new carrier. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, the aviation industry continues to show resilience and adaptability. This partnership between Riyadh Air and Turkish Airlines is a testament to that spirit, paving the way for a brighter future in aviation.

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