Qatar Airways Eases Cabin Crew Curfew Rules Under New Leadership

Qatar Airways, under the new leadership of CEO Badr Mohammed Al Meer, has reportedly relaxed its controversial curfew rules for cabin crew. This move is seen as a significant shift in the airline's management approach and is being hailed as the dawn of a "new era" for the company.


A Change in Policy

Under the previous CEO, Akbar Al Baker, cabin crew were required to remain inside their company-provided housing between the hours of 04:00 – 07:00 daily, unless they were on an international layover. Additionally, they were not allowed to leave their accommodation 12 hours before flying duty. These rules were enforced through various means, including electronic keycards, surveillance cameras, and unannounced house checks.

The New Era

The new management has reportedly removed the 04:00-07:00 curfew during days off and annual leave. However, crew members are still required to remain in their accommodation for nine hours (instead of 12) before a flight duty. This change is seen as a step towards fostering a "culture of trust and empowerment," as stated by the new CEO.


Impact on the Cabin Crew

This policy change is expected to have a significant impact on the cabin crew's lifestyle. The previous rules were seen as overly strict and controlling, affecting the crew's personal lives. The relaxation of these rules is likely to improve the work-life balance for the cabin crew and could potentially lead to increased job satisfaction.

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Looking Forward

As Qatar Airways moves forward under new management, it will be interesting to see what other changes will be implemented. The relaxation of the curfew rules is a promising start and indicates a shift towards a more employee-centric approach. This could potentially lead to improved employee morale and productivity, ultimately benefiting the airline and its passengers.

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