New Nigerian Airline NG Eagle Soars into the Skies

Today marks a significant milestone in Nigeria's aviation industry as the new carrier, Nigerian Eagle, operating as NG Eagle, takes off for its inaugural flight. This event is not just a win for Nigeria but also a boost for the West African region's aviation sector.

The Fleet and Operations

NG Eagle's fleet comprises two wet-leased Airbus A320s and two Boeing 737-700s. The airline is set to operate flights to and from Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS). The airline's fleet has been bolstered by the acquisition of assets from Arik Air, including at least three Boeing 737 airplanes.


The Journey to Launch

The journey to this launch has been marked by significant milestones. NG Eagle, a new airline, had been warming up to launch operations, inching closer to acquiring an Air Operating Certificate (AOC). The new local carrier emerged from the "ashes" of distressed Arik Air. The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), a special-purpose vehicle of the Federal Government for the recovery of debts, took over Arik Air in February 2017.

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Controversies and Challenges

Despite the progress, the journey has not been without controversy. Various aviation unions have been divided over the developments. A faction of the unions warned the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) against granting the AOC to the new airlines². However, other associations have faulted this stance.

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Looking Ahead

Despite the challenges, NG Eagle has shown resilience and determination. The airline is even reported to be in the running to act as a national carrier following litigation preventing Nigeria Air from taking to the skies⁴. As NG Eagle takes off today, it symbolizes not just the birth of a new airline but also the resilience and potential of Nigeria's aviation industry. In conclusion, the launch of NG Eagle is a promising development for Nigeria's aviation sector. It represents a new chapter in the country's aviation history and a step towards strengthening regional connectivity. As NG Eagle spreads its wings, the world will be watching its flight with anticipation and high hopes.

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