INCIDENT | KLM Boeing 787 to Bogota Returned to Amsterdam After Right Engine Issue

A KLM Boeing 787-10, registration PH-BKA, was in route at FL320 about 160nm west of Brest (France) on flight KL-741 from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Bogota (Colombia) when the crew chose to return to Amsterdam due to some indications for the right-hand engine (GEnx). The plane dropped to FL310 for the return flight, pumped fuel, and landed safely on Amsterdam's runway 06 about 2.5 hours after takeoff.


Previous Incidents

In one incident, a KLM Boeing 777 had to return to Amsterdam Schiphol due to a fire in the galley. The fire was quickly extinguished, and the pilots decided to head back to Amsterdam. The passengers and crew members were awaited by medical staff upon landing, and passengers were either placed on a replacement aircraft or rescheduled on other flights. In another incident, a KLM 777-300ER experienced an engine failure in England. The aircraft had to dump fuel before landing, which took time. The aircraft, registered under PH-BVR, was about eight years old. The cause of the engine failure was not clear, but the aircraft remained grounded in Amsterdam.

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Safety Measures

In such incidents, safety measures like dumping fuel are taken to ensure the safe landing of the aircraft. Dumping fuel reduces the aircraft's weight, making it safer and easier to land. After such incidents, the aircraft are usually grounded for inspection and necessary repairs.

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While these incidents highlight the challenges faced in aviation, they also underscore the importance of safety protocols and quick decision-making by the flight crew. The exact details of the recent incident involving the KLM Boeing 787 are not known at this time. More information may become available as authorities investigate the incident.

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