Eurowings Flight EW-4342 Experiences Landing Gear Issue, Lands Safely in Berlin

In a recent incident, a Eurowings Europe Malta Airbus A320-200, registered as 9H-EWD, encountered an issue with its landing gear while approaching Berlin. The aircraft, performing flight EW-4342 from Salzburg, Austria to Berlin, Germany, had 144 people on board.


The Incident

As the aircraft was preparing to land on Berlin's runway 25L, the crew received an unsafe gear indication. In response, they initiated a go-around procedure, a standard safety measure in such situations. The crew then repositioned the aircraft for another approach to the same runway. Approximately 17 minutes after the go-around, the aircraft landed without any further incidents. It then stopped on the taxiway, clear of the runway, for inspections. About 30 minutes after landing, the aircraft was towed to the apron.

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The Aftermath

The airport authorities reported that the aircraft had experienced a problem with the landing gear. However, despite this issue, the aircraft managed to land without incident. The airport later added that the landing gear was successfully lowered by manual extension. Following the incident, the aircraft remained on the ground in Berlin for about three hours. All further sectors assigned to the aircraft for December 15, 2023, were subsequently canceled.



This incident underscores the importance of safety procedures and the professionalism of the flight crew in handling unexpected situations. Despite the landing gear issue, the crew managed to ensure the safety of all passengers on board. The incident will likely lead to further investigations to prevent similar occurrences.

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