Boeing Delivers 46 Narrowbody 737s in November

Boeing delivered 46 narrowbody 737s in November. This figure includes 45 MAX jets and one 737 NG-based P-8 maritime patrol aircraft. The delivery of these aircraft brings Boeing's total single-aisle deliveries to 351 units for the year.


Meeting Annual Targets

Boeing's delivery of 46 narrowbody 737s in November brings the U.S. planemaker closer to its revised target of at least 375-400 737 deliveries for the year. To meet this target, Boeing would need to deliver approximately 25 more planes. This goal appears achievable considering the company's past performance. Over the last three years, Boeing has averaged around 40 narrowbody jet deliveries each month in November and December.


Overcoming Challenges

Despite facing several challenges, including supply chain disruptions and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Boeing has remained focused on meeting its delivery targets. The company had to reduce its annual 737 delivery target from its original goal of between 400 and 450 737s due to these issues. Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun has emphasized that despite the strong demand, the company's focus remains on delivering airplanes. In October, Boeing booked 123 gross orders, bolstered by a deal with Southwest Airlines for 111 MAXs.


Looking Ahead

As Boeing continues to navigate through the challenges posed by the pandemic and supply chain issues, the delivery of 46 narrowbody 737s in November marks a significant step towards achieving its annual target. The company's ability to adapt and respond to these challenges underscores its commitment to meeting its delivery goals and serving its customers.

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