U.S. Approves JetBlue's Complaint Over Denied Landing Slots at Schiphol

JetBlue and industry group Airlines for America (A4A) have received approval from the U.S. government for their complaint against the Netherlands and the European Union regarding landing slots at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, according to a statement released by JetBlue on Friday. 


JetBlue has requested the U.S. government to implement countermeasures in response to being denied landing slots at Schiphol, a major European air transport hub. This comes after Schiphol's slot coordinator decided to reduce slots for the summer of 2024 as directed by the Dutch government, leaving no slots available for new entrants, including JetBlue.


A4A has urged the U.S. Department of Transportation to postpone the approval of a U.S. air carrier permit for German company USC GmbH until the issue is resolved. In a letter dated Nov. 2, the Department of Transportation confirmed its approval of two complaints filed by JetBlue and A4A against the Netherlands and the European Union regarding the dispute. The Dutch government's plan to reduce flights at Schiphol to 452,500 per year, nearly 10% below 2019 levels, to mitigate noise and other pollution, is being challenged by Dutch flag carrier KLM, part of Air France-KLM, and industry groups including the IATA. 

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A4A stated that U.S. airlines would lose 339 landing slots due to the Dutch plan. The letter, signed by Assistant Secretary Carol Petsonk, stated that the capacity reduction measures at Schiphol were unjustifiable, unreasonable, and in violation of the U.S.- EU Air Transport Agreement. The U.S., Netherlands, and European Commission are scheduled to meet on Nov. 13 to discuss the issue. Dutch airlines have been instructed to submit their U.S. flight schedules in case countermeasures are deemed necessary. A spokesperson for the Dutch Transport Ministry stated on Friday that the Dutch government has received communications from the U.S. regarding the dispute and is considering its response.

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