Turkish Airlines Negotiates Acquiring 355 New Airbus Jets

Turkish Airlines, one of the world's leading airlines, is currently in talks with Airbus for what could potentially be the largest order in the carrier's history. The negotiations revolve around the acquisition of 355 new aircraft, a move that signifies the airline's ambitious expansion plans.


A Mega Order

The management of Turkish Airlines met with Airbus officials in Istanbul to discuss the purchase of 345 planes. This is in addition to an order for 10 A350-900 aircraft that was announced in January. If finalized, this order would mark a significant milestone in the history of Turkish Airlines. The proposed order includes a diverse range of aircraft models. Officials from Turkish Airlines discussed buying 75 wide-body A350-900 and 15 wide-body A350-1000 aircraft³. In addition, the order also includes 250 narrow-body A321neo aircraft and five A350F cargo aircraft. The terms for the 10 A350-900s have already been agreed upon.

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A Strategic Move

This potential order aligns with Turkish Airlines' strategic plan to expand its fleet and enhance its global presence. The acquisition of new aircraft will enable the airline to offer more flights and reach more destinations, thereby increasing its market share in the competitive aviation industry.



The negotiations between Turkish Airlines and Airbus SE highlight the airline's ambitious growth plans. If the deal is finalized, it will mark a historic moment for Turkish Airlines, reinforcing its position as a global leader in the aviation industry. As the world eagerly awaits the outcome of these negotiations, one thing is clear - Turkish Airlines is soaring to new heights.

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