Swoop Completes Final Flight Before Merging With WestJet

Swoop, the Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier, has conducted its final flight as it merges with WestJet, marking the end of an era. The final flight occurred on Saturday, October 28, 2023, only five years after Swoop launched to Canadian travelers.

The Merger

In June, Calgary-based WestJet announced it would be winding down its Swoop subsidiary and integrating the budget carrier’s operations into its existing 737 operations. The merger resulted in the dissolution of Swoop and its integration into WestJet's brand. As part of the merger agreement, pilots will receive a 24% pay raise over four years.


Impact on Customers and Employees

The merger will have minimal impact on customers and employees. Swoop's existing network operated until October 28 and employees are transitioning to WestJet. Swoop’s fleet of 16 Boeing 737s will be rebranded with WestJet.


A Look Back at Swoop's Journey

Over its five-year run, Swoop carried nearly seven million people on over 40,000 flights to 38 destinations across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean. "Today marks the final day of operation for Swoop. It is a bittersweet moment for all of us, as we bid farewell to an incredible journey that you have been an integral part of," said Swoop president Bob Cummings.

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Looking Forward

WestJet is committed to providing low-cost fares to its travelers as the two airlines merge. The CEO of WestJet, Alex von Hoensbroech, ensured in a statement, "This integration will enhance our ability to serve a broader spectrum of guests. Instead of only 16 aircraft serving the ultra-low-cost market, each aircraft in our 180-strong fleet will offer ultra-affordable travel options through a premium inflight experience". In conclusion, this merger marks a significant milestone in Canadian aviation history. As Swoop bids farewell, WestJet continues to carry forward its commitment to providing affordable air travel.

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