SKS Airways Denay Embraer Aircraft Delay Due to Financing Issues

SKS Airways recently provided an update on the company's status to the SoyaCincau news website. The company confirmed that its CEO is resigning and there have been delays in receiving its first jets from Embraer. The airline has temporarily halted flights to Tioman and Redang islands, which are serviced by Twin Otter aircraft, due to the monsoon season. 


Despite operating the same route last year, the airline experienced low passenger numbers and less profitability than expected. Coupled with unpredictable weather conditions attributed to climate change, the airline decided to suspend commercial flights for safety reasons. Dzuleira Abu Bakar, formerly of MRANTI, who took over as CEO in June, replacing then-acting CEO and Executive Director Rohman Ahmad, has resigned effective November 10. 


The company is currently without a CEO candidate, and Rohman Ahmad has resumed the role of acting CEO while the company searches for a replacement. SKS also confirmed that the company is not facing any financial difficulties at the moment. They have made the necessary payments to secure the 10 aircraft, which have been fully paid to their lessor, Azzora Aviation Holdings. 

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Azzora informed SKS that Embraer is delaying the delivery of the first jet, originally scheduled for Q1 of 2024, to Q2. However, the delay is not due to funding issues, but rather supply chain constraints on the part of the aircraft manufacturer. The company remains committed to the Subang Airport Regeneration Plan (SARP) and is steadfast in its goal of becoming a city airport operator with the arrival of the Embraer E195-E2. The airline is working closely with MAHB to ensure the success of the SARP.

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