Riyadh Air Reveals Its Second Aircraft Livery At Dubai Airshow

Riyadh Air, the new airline of Saudi Arabia, has recently unveiled two distinct aircraft liveries for its fleet. The airline is expected to commence commercial operations in 2025. The first livery, revealed in June 2023, features a striking blue and lavender design on a Boeing 787. The lavender, native to Saudi Arabia, symbolizes hospitality and is often used by the Government for ceremonial and official purposes. The livery also includes the airline's name in Arabic and English and a logo that resembles an airplane window, symbolizing the airline's goal to be "Saudi Arabia's window to the world".


The second livery, unveiled at the Dubai Airshow, is predominantly white. This design choice is common in aviation due to several reasons. White paint adds less weight to an aircraft, which translates into less fuel consumption and lower operating costs. It also fades slower than other colors, reducing the frequency of repaints, and making it easier to spot potential damages on the aircraft's fuselage. The rear part of the aircraft in the second livery is identical to the blue and lavender version.

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Riyadh Air is expected to close a firm order for 50 Boeing 737 MAX at the Dubai Airshow, adding to its growing fleet of Boeing 787-9s. The airline has 39 firm orders and 33 options for the Boeing 787-9 aircraft.


The unveiling of these liveries marks an important milestone for Riyadh Air as it prepares to launch its operations. The airline aims to leverage Saudi Arabia's strategic location as a hub connecting Asia, Africa, and Europe and plans to connect Saudi Arabia with 100 destinations by 2030.

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