Changi Airport Terminal 2: A New Era of Travel Experience

Singapore's Changi Airport voted as the 'world's best airport' in the 2023 Skytrax Airport Awards, has once again set a new benchmark in the aviation industry. After a massive 3.5-year expansion project, Changi Airport Terminal 2 (T2) has fully reopened, offering passengers an unparalleled travel experience.


A Grand Reopening

The reopening of Terminal 2 on November 1, 2023, came ahead of schedule. The terminal's reopening has boosted Changi Airport's operating capacity to 90 million passengers annually. This is a significant milestone, especially considering that passenger traffic for Changi Airport has rebounded to 90% of pre-COVID levels as of September 2023.

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Nature Meets Modernity

The newly reopened Terminal 2 seamlessly merges the realms of architecture and landscape. The terminal’s carpet mirrors natural topography to guide your path, while clouds dance on the ceilings above. By incorporating natural materials and hues, the terminal aims to engender serenity for passengers and visitors alike.

The Wonderfall: A Digital Spectacle

One of the most striking features of the revamped Terminal 2 is the Wonderfall, a four-story high digital waterfall display. This mesmerizing spectacle, nestled in a vertical garden, features a "waterfall" cascading over large boulders. Every half-hour, a four-minute musical show will be screened across its 892-tile screen, with original music composed by Canadian pianist Jean-Michel Blais.

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Dreamscape: A Garden of Serenity

In the departure transit area after immigration sits Dreamscape, a new garden that combines digital content, plants, and fish. Set against the backdrop of a digital "sky" ceiling emulating real-time weather conditions outside the terminal, Dreamscape features more than 20,000 plants from 100 species. The garden also has a fish pond that passengers can stride across on a transparent platform, amid audio recordings of more than 100 calls of birds, insects, and other creatures.

A Boost to Singapore's Economy

The reopening of Terminal 2 is not just a milestone for Changi Airport, but also a significant boost to Singapore's economy. Pre-COVID, the Changi air hub, and its adjacent industries contributed over 5% of Singapore’s GDP and supported almost 200,000 jobs. With the reopening of Terminal 2 and the ongoing construction of Terminal 5, Singapore is well-positioned to capture future growth in air travel. In conclusion, the reopening of Changi Airport Terminal 2 marks a new era in the aviation industry. With its nature-inspired design, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to providing a serene and enjoyable travel experience, Terminal 2 is set to redefine what it means to travel by air.

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