Airbus On Track to Meet Annual Delivery Target Despite Supply Pressures

Airbus, the European multinational aerospace corporation, is on course to meet its annual delivery target, needing to deliver 161 more aircraft in the last two months of the year. This figure is slightly less than the number of aircraft delivered during the same period last year.


In a recent monthly bulletin, Airbus confirmed that it had delivered 71 aircraft in October, marking an 18% increase from the same month last year. This brings the total number of aircraft delivered in the first 10 months of the year to 559 jets. Looking back at the previous year, Airbus delivered 166 jets in the final two months of 2022. Despite the ongoing global supply chain pressures, the company is not expected to change its full-year delivery target of 720 aircraft.


So far this year, Airbus has received orders for 1,399 aircraft. After accounting for cancellations, the net total stands at 1,334 units. The company is set to report its nine-month results on Wednesday. Last year, Airbus faced significant supply constraints, which led the company to lower and eventually abandon its delivery goal. The company started 2023 on a weak note but managed to accelerate deliveries over the summer.


However, concerns remain about whether Airbus and its American counterpart, Boeing, will meet their delivery goals due to scarce engine supplies. On Monday, leasing company Air Lease questioned whether Airbus or Boeing would meet their delivery goals. In the case of Airbus, there are concerns that scarce engines would get diverted to help airlines keep existing planes flying. Despite these challenges, Airbus has stated that its priority is to support its production. The company's ability to stay on track to meet its annual delivery target, despite the supply pressures, is a testament to its resilience and adaptability in the face of global supply chain challenges.

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