U.S. Senate Committee Unanimously Approves FAA Nominee Michael Whitaker

The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation has unanimously approved President Biden's nominee to lead the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Michael Whitaker. This marks a significant step towards filling the leadership void at the FAA, which has been without a permanent leader for 18 months.


Michael Whitaker, a former deputy administrator at the FAA and an airline executive at TWA and United, is now set to face a vote before the full Senate for confirmation. His nomination has been well-received on Capitol Hill, signaling a clear path to final approval by the full Senate. During his Oct. 4 confirmation hearing, Whitaker emphasized that if confirmed, his priority would be the safety of the flying public. He acknowledged the trust placed in the FAA to maintain aviation as the safest mode of travel and expressed his commitment to upholding this standard.


Whitaker also addressed the persistent air traffic controller shortage, stating that he would view his role as administrator as chief recruitment officer for the FAA and the industry. This comes at a time when the FAA is operating with roughly 3,000 fewer air traffic controllers than needed to meet its goals.

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The nominee's extensive experience in the aviation industry and his previous tenure at the FAA during the Obama administration have contributed to his favorable reception. Whitaker is currently serving as the chief operating officer of Supernal, a Hyundai Motor Group company that's designing an advanced air mobility vehicle. The unanimous approval of Whitaker's nomination by the Senate Committee marks a crucial step towards addressing leadership gaps and operational challenges within the FAA. The full Senate's confirmation vote will determine if Whitaker will lead the agency into its next chapter.

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