United Operates Additional repatriation Flights to Athens

United Airlines announced on Wednesday that it will operate two extra flights between Newark, New Jersey, and Athens in the upcoming days to assist Americans who are attempting to return home from Israel. 


The first flight will depart from Newark on Thursday and then return from Athens to New Jersey on Friday. The airline will operate another two flights on Saturday and Sunday. The State Department stated on Wednesday that "commercial flights are available even if they are not direct to the U.S. We are also exploring contract options to facilitate U.S. citizen travel to nearby countries.".

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U.S. State Department announced that it is exploring contract options to facilitate American citizens' travel from Israel to nearby countries following attacks by Palestinian militant group Hamas. The department has stated that commercial flights are available, even if they are not direct to the U.S.


The announcement comes amidst escalating violence in Israel. The situation has resulted in numerous casualties and destruction of property. The U.S. government has urged its citizens to avoid travel to Israel and the West Bank due to the ongoing conflict.

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