Saudi National Carrier Reveals An Inspired Brand And New Livery

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA), the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, has recently unveiled its refreshed brand identity. This includes a new logo, aircraft livery, and cabin crew uniforms. The rebranding initiative extends to all of SAUDIA’s products and services, marking the dawn of a “new era for SAUDIA,” as stated in an official announcement issued on September 30, 2023.


New Brand Identity

The new brand color identity is characterized by shades of green, blue, and sand. These colors symbolize Saudia’s ambitions to expand its fleet and destinations, thus fostering global connectivity with Saudi Arabia. In addition to the visual facets, the airline is introducing a novel fragrance and sonic identity, along with a locally inspired cuisine as part of its in-flight service.


New Aircraft Livery

The airline’s revamped aircraft livery boasts white, green, and blue lines that, according to the carrier, embody progress and transformation. It also introduces a redesigned tail, now adorned in green and featuring the new logo, with the word “Saudia” adorning the aircraft fuselage’s lower section. The airline’s previous livery featured a solitary golden stripe on a white fuselage, with a dark blue tail housing its former gold-colored logo. The fresh design bears a resemblance to the airline’s retro livery, which was unveiled on a Boeing 777-300ER to commemorate its 75th anniversary back in September 2021. Nevertheless, discernible distinctions exist, including a significantly darker green hue on the tail and the inclusion of green paint on the engine pod—a characteristic absent in the retro livery.

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New Cabin Crew Uniforms

The rebranding initiative extends to new uniforms for both cabin crew and ground staff. The fresh cabin crew uniforms incorporate a color palette consisting of shades and hues of purple, beige, gold, and royal blue. The airline initiated the uniform rollout on its Paris Charles de Gaulle and London Heathrow routes in February 2020.

Digital Transformation

Simultaneously, SAUDIA has embarked on a digital transformation journey. By year’s end, the airline aspires to fully deploy its generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) virtual assistant, which will cater to all informational and travel-related requirements of its passengers.

In conclusion, this rebranding initiative by SAUDIA is not just about refreshing its visual identity. It's about embracing change and innovation while staying true to its roots. It's about enhancing customer experience by celebrating Saudi culture. And most importantly, it's about setting the stage for an exciting new era for SAUDIA.

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