Pakistan Airlines Cancels Flights Amidst Fuel Row Crisis

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the state-run carrier of Pakistan, has announced the cancellation of 349 flights in the last two weeks. This drastic measure has been attributed to a shortage of fuel supplies.


The Fuel Crisis

"The flights are being scheduled as per the availability of fuel," PIA stated. This indicates that the airline's operations are now heavily dependent on the uncertain supply of fuel. The flight cancellations since October 14 have affected both domestic and international routes.

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The Underlying Dispute

The PIA and the Pakistan State Oil Company (PSO) have been locked in a dispute over payments. The airline says the PSO has suspended its credit line for the fuel and is now releasing supplies only against a daily advance payment. "The PIA is trying to manage funds," the statement said, adding that the resumption of the usual schedule will depend on the availability of funds. This suggests that PIA's financial difficulties are not limited to fuel payments but extend to its overall financial health.

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Impact on Passengers and Future Outlook

The cancellation of 349 flights has undoubtedly caused significant inconvenience for passengers. It remains unclear when PIA will be able to resume its regular schedule. The resolution of this issue will likely depend on PIA's ability to manage its funds and negotiate with PSO. As this situation continues to unfold, it serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by airlines worldwide in managing their operations amidst fluctuating fuel supplies and prices. In conclusion, the recent cancellations by PIA highlight the critical role of stable fuel supplies in maintaining regular flight schedules. It underscores the need for airlines to have robust financial strategies in place to navigate such crises.

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