Indian Actress Criticizes Air India And Demands Improvements

Indian actress Jasmin Bhasin recently expressed her disappointment with Air India after finding a broken tray table in business class during her flight. Bhasin, who has over eight million followers on Instagram, shared her experience on the platform, which quickly gained attention.


What Happened?

Bhasin posted a picture of a broken tray table in business class that was taped together. In her post, she noted that the 'repurposed' tray was discomforting and added, "I want to feel pride in flying our national carrier". Bhasin clarified that her post was not for publicity but to draw attention to the airline's negligence and emphasize the importance of putting customers first. She tagged the airline's social media account in her post, hoping that her experience would be noted and improvements would be made.

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Air India's Response

While it remains unclear how Air India responded to Bhasin's criticism, the airline is currently undergoing a rejuvenation process to improve its customer experience and compete with neighboring rivals. This includes focusing on factors like new aircraft, improved lounges, and enhanced onboard services. Air India has committed $400 million for aircraft refurbishment and has launched new menus for domestic and international services in the last six months. The airline has also formally introduced premium economy seats on select US flights.


Jasmin Bhasin's criticism of Air India highlights the importance of customer service in the aviation industry. It serves as a reminder that airlines must continually strive to improve their services and put customers first. As Air India continues its transformation journey, it will be interesting to see how it addresses such criticisms and enhances its customer experience.

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