Flight Operations Take a Hit: Lebanon’s MEA Responds to Insurance Cover Changes

Lebanon's Middle East Airlines (MEA) has announced a significant reduction in its flight operations due to changes in its insurance cover. This decision was revealed by Chairman Mohamad El-Hout during a televised interview.


Reduction in Flight Operations

MEA will operate only eight of its 22 aircraft as of next week. This drastic reduction is a result of changes in the airline's insurance coverage. The airline has been forced to cut over half of its operations.

Changes in Insurance Cover

The changes in insurance coverage are primarily due to the reduction of war risk covers by approximately 80 percent. As a result, the airline is compelled to operate aircraft that account for only 20 percent of these risks.


Impact on Passengers and Precautionary Measures

This decision is expected to impact many passengers. Earlier this week, the carrier announced that it would keep five of its 24 airplanes in Turkey as a precaution in case of conflict. This decision comes amidst clashes across the border involving Israel and Lebanese Hezbollah, as well as Palestinian militants in Lebanon.

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MEA's decision underscores the airline's commitment to safety and security. It also highlights the challenges airlines face in operating within volatile geopolitical contexts. Passengers are advised to stay updated on their flight status as the situation evolves.

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