Air France to Restructure Domestic Operations, Shifts Focus to Charles-de-Gaulle Airport

Air France has unveiled a significant overhaul of its domestic flight operations within France. Starting in the summer of 2026, the airline will centralize all its domestic and international flights at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport (CDG), significantly reducing its operations at Paris-Orly Airport (ORY). The only exception will be flights to Corsica, a Public Service Obligation (PSO) route operated in partnership with Air Corsica.


Transavia, the budget airline of the Air France-KLM group, will assume responsibility for the routes connecting Paris-Orly to Toulouse (TLS), Marseilles (MRS), and Nice (NCE). Meanwhile, Air France will enhance its service between these three cities and its hub at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, which offers connections to its extensive international network.


The airline also plans to increase capacity from Charles-de-Gaulle to domestic destinations in France’s overseas territories such as Pointe-à-Pitre (PTP) and Fort-de-France (FDF) in the Caribbean, and Roland Garros International Airport in Saint-Denis de La Réunion (RUN) in the Indian Ocean.

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The restructuring comes in response to a decrease in domestic business travel, partly due to the rise of videoconferencing technologies and changes in travel habits, as well as stricter short-haul travel policies implemented by many companies. According to Air France, demand on direct domestic routes from ORY fell by 40% between 2019 and 2023, with same-day return trips experiencing an even steeper decline of 60%. Overall, this restructuring will result in a 10% reduction in capacity offered by the Air France-KLM group on main routes within mainland France. However, there will be no change to the total capacity offered to and from France’s overseas territories.

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