The Swiss airliner arrives in Spain without a single luggage


Passengers on a Swiss Airlines flight from Zurich to Bilbao were left waiting for over two hours for their luggage to appear on the conveyor belt, only to discover that no baggage had been loaded onto the plane. The flight, operated by Swiss Airlines on behalf of Edelweiss Airlines, had taken off with 111 passengers but without any luggage due to a shortage of ground staff. 


The crew had waited for over an hour for the situation to be rectified but had ultimately made the decision to fly to Bilbao without the baggage in order to pick up passengers and get the plane back to Zurich before the airport closed. The airline apologized for the inconvenience caused to passengers and expressed regret for the situation. 

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Passengers reported that no Swiss staff were on the ground in Bilbao and that they had waited for over two hours before being informed by staff from Spanish airline Iberia that the baggage had been left behind in Zurich. The airline is currently investigating the situation to determine how to improve in the future.

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