Scherer, Airbus's sales boss, appointed to lead the company's jet-building division

According to industry insiders, Airbus is undergoing a significant management overhaul, with sales chief Christian Scherer being appointed to lead its main aircraft manufacturing business. This move, which will be officially announced soon, will enable CEO Guillaume Faury to concentrate on the company's overall strategy, following four years of serving as both CEO and planemaking boss, particularly during the pandemic. 


In July, Reuters disclosed the company's plans to restructure, and Scherer, who is an Airbus veteran and currently serves as the chief commercial officer, has emerged as a leading contender to head the jet-making arm, which accounts for 70% of the company's revenue. 

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Airbus has refused to comment on this matter. According to sources familiar with the situation, the recent shake-up may provide further opportunities for gradual leadership changes due to potential retirements. The board has emphasized that it is prioritizing succession planning. Due to the historical tension between France and Germany, Airbus reorganizations are more delicate than most. Since 2019, Faury has been in charge of the company and its largest division. 

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Scherer's appointment signals a significant continuity within the world's largest jet manufacturer, which is competing with Boeing. However, it also marks a return to the system of having separate leaders for the group and the airplane business, which was abandoned in 2019 following a politically charged power struggle between Fabrice Bregier and CEO Tom Enders, both of whom ultimately resigned.

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