Ryanair Pulls Some Routes Out Of Dublin Amid Dispute About Charges

Ryanair announced on Thursday that it will eliminate 17 routes from its winter schedule in Dublin, its main hub, and will assign 19 new Boeing 737 MAX planes to other European airports that provide incentives for quieter, lower CO2 emission aircraft. 


Ryanair intends to relocate some of the new MAX planes, which Boeing claims consume 15-20% less fuel and produce 40% less noise, to airports in Spain, Italy, and Luton Airport in the UK, according to Ryanair executive Eddie Wilson at a press conference. The decision was motivated by the Dublin Airport Authority's increased passenger fees and the lack of a substantial environmental incentive scheme.

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The Dublin Airport Authority responded by stating that Ryanair was overstating the magnitude of the increased charges. They also mentioned that they were in discussions with airlines about a proposed plan to encourage lower-emission aircraft in 2024. The authority pointed out that passenger numbers at Dublin Airport had returned to pre-pandemic levels and that there was no need to incentivize new growth due to a capacity limit under the airport's planning permission.

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It is common for Ryanair to reduce capacity from airports during disagreements overcharges, and they typically allocate aircraft to airports and regions that offer the most attractive growth incentives.

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