Pilots at Australia's Qantas demand that the CEO resign due to controversies

Calls for the resignation of Qantas Airways' chairman have been made by the Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA), a union representing the majority of the airline's approximately 3,000 pilots. The AIPA wrote to Qantas' CEO, Vanessa Hudson, requesting the resignation of Chairman Richard Goyder, citing low morale and a need for a culture reset. 


AIPA President Captain Tony Lucas stated that the union has lost confidence in Goyder and his board. Qantas declined to comment, referring to previous public statements by Goyder where he refused to step down. Goyder is not up for reelection at the upcoming annual meeting in November. 


Qantas has been embroiled in a series of scandals that have drawn criticism from various stakeholders, including accusations of lobbying the government to prevent rival Qatar Airways from increasing flights to Australia, an antitrust lawsuit alleging the airline sold tickets on thousands of canceled flights, and a court ruling that found Qantas had illegally sacked 1,700 ground staff. 


The backlash has overshadowed the airline's record annual profit reported last month. Australian Prime Minister Albanese expressed concern about the damage done to Qantas' reputation and the need for the company to make repairs. The AIPA did not suggest a replacement for Goyder or state what actions it would take if he remained as chairman. Qantas warned of rising fuel costs due to persistently high oil prices, leading to a downgrade in profit forecasts and a 1.3% drop in the company's shares in morning trading on Tuesday.

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