Newly Received Iraqi Airways 737 MAX Gets Damaged

The airliner that was just delivered a month ago to Iraqi Airways Boeing 737 MAX 8 incurred severe damage at Baghdad International Airport. The occurrence aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Reg. YI-ASY) was supposed to be refueled to operate a flight when a fuel truck collided with the lower part of the left wing. 


The collision caused a hole in the wing and leakage of the fuel stored. The damaged aircraft was then moved to Iraqi Airways' maintenance center to be stored there until Boeing provided the correct way to fix the damaged hole in the wing. 

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YI-ASY was delivered along with YI-ASZ in dual delivery flights on August,1st, 2023. This year, Iraqi Airways has received five Boeing 737 MAX 8s, five Airbus A220-300, first out of ten Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, and anticipates receiving another Dreamliner soon.

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Iraqi Airways currently serves more than 50 destinations from Baghdad and is expanding and renewing its fleet to support the anticipated increase in international business and leisure travel to and from the country.

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