Myanmar has received its first batch of Russian Su-30 fighter planes

According to Myanmar's trade minister, Charlie Than, the country recently received a shipment of two Su-30 fighter jets from Russia. Then made the announcement during the Eastern Economic Forum, an annual event that focuses on economic cooperation and foreign investment in the region. 


The two countries signed a contract in September 2022 for the delivery of six Su-30SME fighter jets. These multi-role fighter jets are designed for combat employment, pilot training, aerial reconnaissance, and enemy aerial target engagement. 

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Along with the fighter jets, Myanmar and Russia will sign several bilateral agreements during the forum, including one for tourism development. The Russian defense ministry has yet to respond to requests for comment. The United States has criticized Russia for backing Myanmar's military rulers, stating that it destabilizes the country and fuels conflicts. 


Meanwhile, junta chief Min Aung Hlaing has made several visits to Russia since 2021 and was awarded an honorary doctorate.

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